DFS Lavie

Welcome to the website of the DFS Lavie! The DFS Lavie is a play by post role playing game that takes place via forums and real-time chat. It takes place in a custom developed universe loosely based on Star Trek which is part of The New Universes Project Story and TImeline. It is a member of Task Force 99 in Bravo Fleet.

This sim has a 16+ rating meaning that those 16 or older (preferably 18+) can join it; this rating was implemented becuase of the violent nature of the role play. It may also contain strong language, drug and alcohol use, mild descriptions of torture, mild sexual content, suggestive themes and of course as mentioned above violence.

Current Mission: Mission Mission 6: Life Moves On; Yet Stays the Same

The crew has returned to Earth at the request of the President. Upon arrival back on the planet Senior Staff members were requested by the President’s Office. A new ship has been designed and created for the crew. The ship is preparing to go on a mission to render aide to a planet captured by strange mechanical life forms.

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