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Welcome to the website of the DFS Lavie! The DFS Lavie is a play by post role playing game that takes place via forums and real-time chat on our Discord. It takes place in a custom developed universe loosely based on Star Trek which is part of The New Universes Project Story and Timeline. It is a member of Task Force 99 in Bravo Fleet.
This sim has a 18+ rating meaning that those 18 or older can join it; this rating was implemented becuase of the violent nature of the role play. It may also contain strong language, drug and alcohol use, mild descriptions of torture, mild sexual content, suggestive themes and of course as mentioned above violence. With the above rating this does mean the game is rated for adults only.
In 4566 following the defeat of Darius Maximus; the Commander and Field Marshal of Faith Special Forces on Betazed a temporary peace was restored and Commodore Yuka Layton; the Captain of the Lavie along with her fiancé Colonel Aidan Thornton took command of Trinity from the new Trinity City-Ship; the Onyx. Ari Miziriki was charged with commanding the Lavie in their stead and working to accomplish the goal of keeping the galaxy safe and people protected under the mandate of the President.
The Delta Force Ship Lavie follows the TNU Project timeline which takes place in a far future alternate Federation of the 46th century. Following a technological disaster that wiped out normal technology the people of the Galactic Federation turned to gems that were discovered on other words to power technology, weapons and even give people unparalleled abilities. With time travel, mecha, these gems and advanced technology well beyond that of the 24th century Federation this is not your typical story and even borderlines on fantasy at some points.
Current Mission: Act 2: Mission 1: Loyalties

The Lavie and Trinity HQ have worked together upon returning to Earth to defeat Darius Maximus the commander of the FSF. The fleet is now on its way back to Earth and Ari Mizriki has taken over command of the ship so Yuka can focus on fleet duties.

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